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Mixing is the best.

Time for pho!  (hier: Pho Dalat)

Time for pho! (hier: Pho Dalat)

Quite possibly the best/worst fortune cookie fortune ever.

I got one once that just said “Relationships.”

Quite possibly the best/worst fortune cookie fortune ever.

I got one once that just said “Relationships.”

Undercut - Heaven

Another alias of drum and bass masters Mutated Forms,  Undercut brings the tempo down a bit to release some killer choons! This one’s a free DL and I highly suggest following them and getting in on this deep, minimal house action.


Every 10 Minutes, Someone in the world attempts suicide

Every 16 Minutes,  one of those people succeed,

Every 17 Minutes, someone is left to make sense of what happened.

Hey guys, please take a moment to read this,

On June 28th, 2014, I will be participating in the Out of the Darkness overnight walk, a 17 mile walk in Philadelphia that starts at 7PM and goes until 7AM, after the sun rises. This is something i’ve wanted to do for a while, but have always been too lazy to try until now.

On December 5th, 2009, my father took his own life.  Shortly after, I was diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, and severe anxiety, it’s something that I struggle with to this day, and I know that i’m not alone in this struggle.  That’s what the point of this walk is, and i’m really excited to get going with it.

However, i can’t do it without your help.  I’m throwing as much money as I can into this right now, (unfortunately it’s all cash so it’s not showing up on the page until i deposit it then add it), but i have about 200 dollars raised so far.  I need to raise at least $1000, in order to be allowed to walk.  As much as i’d love to pay it myself, with my current bill situation I can’t fork out $1000.

I’m asking for any help you guys might be able to give, even a dollar would help, or a signal boost.

Thank you to anybody who took the time to read this, donate, and/or signal boost.  You’re amazing and I love you.

I will also be releasing a 2 track EP soon, as well as a few vinyls with my tracks on them, where all proceeds will go towards the walk.  As well as shirts with my logo on them, donated by my mom, (I have one shirt of each size, S, M, L, XL, and XXL, ) which will either be sold or raffled off depending on interest.

Again, thank you guys, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this.

With love,


UPDATE: we have now raised a grand total of $542 so far! Please keep signal boosting guys! We’re already halfway there!

Again, I appreciate this so much, you guys are the best.

boots and cats

I, as the great shaman of the lord Cosby, will hereby begin the ritual of summoning the lord of chocolatey pokeyman goodness to sheperd us through the valley of kodak film and jazz.

KASRA and Guinness. Life is good